Interactive Infographics

Below are some examples of interactive, animated infographics.

Interactive infographics are a great way to present information & statistics in a fun and engaging manner.

The first example is a prototype that was pitched to a London-based recruitment agency. The infographic allowed the user to select a handful of careers and find an average salary, bonus etc. Illustrations were crafted by the wonderful Rowena Leanne Try it out for yourself by clicking on a career below.

The project started with research being carried out identifying the theme, layout and features. Once this was settled, discussions between myself and the Illustrator took place to decide what elements would animate and how. The illustrator then created the necessary assets that were passed on to me. I then began to assemble the illustrations into a working prototype using HTML, CSS & JS.

The second example shows the top 10 stag do destinations within Europe including useful statistics such as average price of a pint, crime rates and popular activities. Just like the first example, illustrations for this piece were once again created by Rowena.