LJ Photographics

LJ Photographics are a Hampshire based wedding photography studio specialising in digital enhancement.

I was approached by the client as they wished to update their company image to reflect accurately the current quality of their work. I was tasked with rebranding and rebuilding their website with more of a focus on their photography.

Firstly, one of the main issues with their website initially was that it did not showcase their work appropriately. This was one of the first things I wanted to change. They also wanted to easily maintain their gallery of work without the need of assistance from myself.

The wireframe I created used as much real estate as possible to use their photographs as the main focal point. As a result their images took up 75% of the homepage and did most of the talking, showcasing the very best of their work.

Once the wireframe was finalised I started to design, from scratch, the website in the browser. By designing in the browser you create the website in its native environment, so there are fewer complications when it comes to transitioning from static mock-ups. Designing this way also allows the mock-up to be responsive.

I faced many challenges throughout this project, one of which was the initial designs of the website. At first the designs I created worked well visually, but they proved tricky to implement within the responsive design. I tackled this with a little jQuery magic.

After a few revisions on the staging site I was ready to present the final piece to the client, who were thrilled with the results!

The final result was a website that not only projected their work effectively but also a customised version of WordPress that allowed them to effortlessly add, remove and update items in their Gallery and more.