Physical Gold

Physical Gold are an accredited precious metals investment company based in the UK.

The client wanted a new website that better reflected the credibility of the business, as the original website looked dated compared to his competitors. They also wanted to provide the best user experience by applying a responsive design to their website.

I started by analysing data (using heat maps and traffic statistics) from his original website to find what worked and identifying any key issues. One of the more interesting things I discovered was that navigation, specifically to their core products, was lacking to non existent.

Baring this in mind I designed wireframes with clear user friendly navigation for optimum conversions. In regards to the homepage, I wanted to show what they offered, how it worked,  information and accreditations of the brand plus live precious metal pricing.


With the help of the data-backed wireframes I started to design each of the pages of the website, using inspiration from their previous branding. 10+ unique page layouts later I was left with a draft website.

As Physical Gold was coming from an older CMS, I changed the site structure and integrated existing blog archives into their new WordPress based CMS. Adding in 301 redirects to ensure a seamless transition from old to new.

Most of this project went off without a hitch, until I faced the formidable live pricing widget. I used data feeds from a feed provider to populate the pricing widget, with stats for the price per ounce. The client also wanted to include grams, but my initial conversion calculations resulted in an extremely high inflation of gold prices. After a few tweaks I was able to fully display the correct calculations in an attractive table.

A handful of user tests later the website was ready to go live. The finished website was a contemporary, professional, trustworthy design including over 100 pages, all fully optimised for mobile and tablet.