Privacy Policy

This privacy policy details my approach to the collection and storage of personal information via my website.

1. Collection Of Information

I do not collect personal information of any sort and will only receive such information if you send it directly to me. This could happen if you contact me via the contact form.

2. Storage of Data

If I do receive any data from you that is of a personal nature I will take all reasonable measures to protect that information.

I use a secure server for this website and any information that I receive that is related to it such as communications from site visitors will be stored on a suitably protected server.

3. Cookies

This website uses cookies for the purpose of tracking visitor activity on the website. This helps me develop and improve the website based on the experience of the visitors.

4. Data Sharing

I do not share any personal data with third parties and would never do so unless your prior consent has been given. For example if I were to run a promotion on behalf of a third party then I would share the data. However, I would only do this if you had provided consent when entering the promotion.

If you have any questions relating to this privacy policy then please do raise them by getting in touch with me using the contact form.