Tech Spartan

Tech Spartan is an upcoming information focussed mobile technology comparison website.

This was a new business that required a website built from the ground up with a custom product data feed management system. The client wanted to blend informative guides and feature articles with product price comparison.

Looking at the main competitors in the comparison sector, I took inspiration from both their comparison services and related technology blogs to merge the ideas into one functional website.

Once I had a functional blog design and placeholder comparison areas it was time to integrate those comparison areas with product feed data. This involved JSON feeds pulling in information directly from the manufacturers, which would be managed by a custom CMS.

This CMS would need to be able to download specific data from the manufacturers and sort & label each item with a particular product into a database. After the items had been sorted they needed to be displayed within the comparison tables via the JSON feeds mentioned above.

Each table needed to give the user the ability to filter the deals according to their requirements. It was not plain sailing, as these filters did give me some trouble. But with some trial and error I was able to provide all of the filters that the client requested.

It all came together to create an inviting and colourful website that provided helpful guides and easy to use price comparison tables for all visitors.